What is Speculiction?  Well, as much as I'd like to think this blog is my special little corner of the web, a place where the most cosmopolitan of book reviews are recorded and the most profound of travel writing is laid down, I know better.  It is just an escape valve for bibliophilia and a place to post the thoughts and images of my travel, and sometimes video games.  It is typical blog fodder.  Though a reader in many fields, 90% of the posts reflect my main reading habit the past four years: speculative fiction (hence the blog title), with a smattering of other fiction mixed in.  You'll also find non-fiction reviews, the occasional video game review, as well as photos and commentary on where I've been and lived around the world.

Wanting to get as broad an overview as possible, the book reviews cover the length and breadth of science fiction, fantasy, and the fuzziness between and around.  From old to new, long to short, well known to less known, core genre to outlier, I've been sucked in by the side of literature which invites us to take a look at life and the human condition from another perspective.  Imaginatively re-visioning the world and society as we know it in intelligent fashion, writers like Stanislaw Lem, Ian McDonald, Margaret Atwood, William Gibson, M. John Harrison, J.G. Ballard, C.J. Cherryh, Paul DiFilippo, Jeffrey Ford, Robert Sheckley, Elizabeth Hand, Michael Bishop, Christopher Priest, Adam Roberts, Maureen McHugh, Ian Macleod, James Morrow, Ursula Le Guin, and others have grabbed me and won't let go.

My roots and education, however, lie in works more classic - Dostoevsky, Hesse, Steinbeck, and the like.  Thus, the reviews on this blog exist on a plane with higher expectations than the latest thriller or sword and sorcery story.  There needs to be some substance to the material and quality to the writing if it is to be engaged with.  I do enjoy a good beach read, but entertainment not always sufficient to truly enjoy a book.  For more on this, you may refer to the blog's review policy and mission statement.

So, feel free to leave your comments and opinions, and I hope you enjoy Speculiction.